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Viva La Arthouse (Live in Melbourne)

Released on December 7, 2013 by Leatherface
Viva La Arthouse (Live in Melbourne) - Leatherface
    Vinyl / CD

    Viva La Arthouse is Leatherface's second release on their own label and is a celebration of their 2010 Stormy Petrel World Tour that took in Europe, Canada, America, Japan and Australia. This double live album was recorded at Melbourne's famous music venue The Arthouse.

    Sadly The Arthouse, which has hosted punk and indie shows in North Melbourne for the past 19 years, will close its doors in May 2011 after its long-time licensee Maree Kelly decided not to renew its lease. An unsympathetic landlord and a change in the liqour licensing regulations are the two major factors in the Kelly family’s decision not to renew the lease. Leatherface's Frankie Stubbs has a long-standing relationship with The Arthouse, in October 2005 A Death In the family flew Frankie over from the U.K to produce their debut album in the newly equipped Arthouse Studio.

    Sunderland, UK‚ Leatherface formed in August 1988, and their live shows have become the stuff of legend, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to catch them live you’ll have witnessed the pre-gig excitement, the trepidation of the emotional possibilities, the rollercoaster ride of each song and the overall full on powerhouse brutality of melodic punk rock which is down to Dickie Hammonds unique guitar playing, the bombast of the rhythm section that comprises of Stephen ‘Skruff’ Owen on drums and Greame Philliskirk on bass. On top of this mighty backdrop is Frankie Stubbs lyrics, with his incredibly raspy voice and passionate delivery, exudes an aura that demands and gets respect. He wins admiration, in part, for his distinct lack of trying to be something he’s not. He is utterly devoid of pretense and flash.

    Leatherface have obtained a massive cult following outside their native country over the years. The band have been cited as an influence by higher-profile acts in the USA such as Hot Water Music, Dillinger Four, Tiltwheel and many other bands around the globe. Jack Rabid, music critic and publisher of the music magazine Big Takeover, rates Leatherface's The Stormy Petrel on par with their 1991 release Mush which he described as one of the fifty greatest punk albums of all time.

    1. Not a Day Goes By (Stubbs). 2. God is Dead (Stubbs, Hammond). 3. Watching You Sleep (Stubbs, Evans). 4. Never Say Goodbye (Stubbs, Hammond). 5. Diego Garcia (Stubbs, Hammond). 6. Little White God (Stubbs, Hammond). 7. Peasant in Paradise (Stubbs). 8. Hoodlum (Stubbs). 9. Sour Grapes (Stubbs). 10. Nutcase (Stubbs, Hammond). 11. My Worlds End (Stubbs, Hammond). 12. I Want the Moon (Hammond, Stubbs). 13. Broken (Stubbs). 14. Not Superstitious (Stubbs). 15. Pale Moonlight (Stubbs). 16. Dead Industrial Atmosphere (Stubbs). 17. Springtime (Hammond, Stubbs). 18. Hops & Barley (Tucker). 19. Hurt (Reznor).

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