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If I / PR Nightmares

Released on July 16, 2018 by Airstream Futures
If I / PR Nightmares - Airstream Futures
  1. If I
  2. PR Nightmares
Digital / Vinyl

Chicago's Airstream Futures, featuring former members of The Bomb and The Methadones, will be releasing a new 7-inch in July. The single, If I & PR Nightmares, is named for its a-side and b-side tracks, and will be out July 16th on Little Rocket Records on both digital and limited edition vinyl.

This 7” vinyl release is a limited edition of 300 random coloured vinyl available via Little Rocket Records with new songs If I and PR Nightmares. The group has a blast together and shares love for music, cheese, and Catch Phrase.

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