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Ask More Questions

Released on March 26, 2021 by Dealing With Damage
Ask More Questions - Dealing With Damage
  1. Stop Everything
  2. No Money No Peace
  3. How Much Will We Let It Affects Us
  4. World Within A World
  5. Language Lesson
  6. Slow Shadow
  7. The Process
  8. Strange Melody
  9. Sharkbait
  10. Some Colours Never Fade
  11. No Barriers, No Protection
  12. The People I See
  13. For Babara Dane
  14. The American Empire
  15. Lady Day
  16. Making Plans For Misery
Digital / Vinyl

After the CD DIY release of their debut album, it was by great demand the "Damages", decided to include the CD album and their digital EP's to create a blistering 16 track vinyl release. Here you have "Ask More Questions". All we have to say is get a copy before they go, you won't regret it and it is a go to album to be played time after time.

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