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Tight Night

Like many fairy tales, Tight Night began after a session at the bar at Kumas in Chicago. Listening to Royal tell stories about what he had been up to recently, longtime friends Jeff (punk rock guitar legend of The Bomb, Dead Ending, Airstream Futures, and many more) and Chad (Team Band dilettante) decided then and there to immortalise the vibe in music. It was to be loud. It was to be hard. It was to be Tight Night. Royal would sing, and Jeff and Chad would both play Les Paul Customs through old Marshalls and full stacks. Next Dan (bass, Racetraitor) and Miguel (drums) were recruited to fill out the group.

Songwriting was fast and furious and messy. Tight Night felt unstoppable. Then Royal moved to New Orleans. Then Jeff punched Dan in the face. Then Miguel and Jeff fell out. Chad had three kids (not all at once). It seemed like Tight Night was over before it even began. Demos languished. Enter John (Stalag-13, the Missing 23rd). Not willing to just give up, Jeff sent demos of the songs to his friend John in California. John threw down some vocals and they killed and were amazing and Tight Night was reborn.

With John on board, Jeff finished recording and mixing what would become “Volume”, Tight Night’s debut record.

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