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Released on May 5, 2017 by Old Wives
Three - Old Wives
  1. And The Hits Keep Coming
  2. Lying Through My Drink
  3. I Can't Surf
  4. Headaches and Boozehounds
  5. 45
  6. Pity Party
  7. Trash Unreal
  8. 30 Something
  9. Another Face In The Crowd
  10. Generic Song
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Bringing enthusiasm and pride in what they do to every single performance over their eight-plus years together has solidified their position on the punk rock live circuit.

Old Wives friend Pete Ngyuen put the artwork together. They had an idea of what they wanted but he took it to a whole new level. Shaun and Ryan have cats and Darren has a dog: and there's your artwork.

Pete also had Ryan hand write out the lyrics for each song. They were originally going to use them as the actual liner notes but Pete changed it and came up with a killer back cover to the record.

The album is titled Three for a few reasons, but mostly because this is their first release as a three piece. That number follows into the first track on the album as well. As significant as it is to Old Wives, they hope it has, the more widespread appeal and that people can find little bits of themselves in the songs.

The album sees the band take their music to a whole new level - not only their first release as a three-piece but really a testament of their love of music. The songs are fast, catchy, and relatable.

To say that Three is an anticipated album in 2017 would be an understatement; the band had been working on this album since 2015. Finally content with the finished product, the guys surrounded themselves with the best - signing on with Little Rocket Records in 2016.

Old Wives good friend Eric Johnson, who is better known for his acting in The Knick/50 Shades series, stepped up big time and helped us make this video for our first single from Three. The song is called Lying Through My Drink and it's just a fun sing-along song.

It's about the denial that you face when you get rejected and how you try to put on a brave face but really, you're completely torn up about the situation and you’re drinking, heavily. Which we did lots of while we made the video.

We invited 30 or so of our friends and fans in to go wild, have some beers (provided by Edmonton's Situation Brewery) and take part in the insanity that was.

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