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The Count Down Sessions

Released on August 21, 2020 by D L Burdon
The Count Down Sessions - D L Burdon
  1. Atlanta might be the death of me (Live)
  2. Playful slaps (Live)
  3. Still casting shadows (Live) 03:26 video
  4. An Ill conceived soliloquy (Live)
  5. The reason (Live)
  6. Right at Surrey Ridge (Live)

DL Burdon returned home to play a Sold Out Christmas Gig at the Ship Isis, opposite the old Sunderland Vaux brewery site in December 2019.
The day after, a visit to The little Rocket Records HQ at the infamous Bunker, Sunderland, was made to meet up with Graeme, a few glasses of whiskey later, the record button was pressed and the following songs were captured live, giving a brief incite of Burdons ever growing repertoire.
released August 21, 2020

Written by David Lee Burdon

Recorded & Mastered by Graeme Philliskirk at Little Rocket Records HQ December 2019.

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