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Released on November 26, 2018 by Compilation Various Artists
  1. Epic Problem - TV War
  2. Pizzatramp - Town Clown
  3. Pandemix - Can't Assimilate
  4. Medictation - St Jesus Malvedere
  5. Castro - Personal Question
  6. No Pulse - One By One
  7. Pissjar - The Pissjar
  8. Societys Decline - No Angel On The Shoulder Of The World
  9. Mercury Tales - Head First
  10. Mild Shag - Birdbrain
  11. Accidente - Bandada
  12. Harijan - Portland Street
  13. Buff - Walter Wolfgang
  14. Holiday - Sunshine
  15. Natterers - Drink The Bleach
  16. The Domestics - Control
  17. Roach Squad - End The Show

Alongside these tracks are also tracks supplied by Brassneck, Boss Tuneage, Kibou, Pumpkin, TNS, and Urinal Vinyl by Accidente, Buff, The Domestics, Epic Problem, Harijan, Holiday, Medictation, Mercury Tales, Mild Shag, No Pulse, Pissjar, Pizzatramp, Roach Squad And Society's Decline.

Each label has around 50 copies to sell, so these won't hang around forever - a perfect snapshot into the current scene and a chance for you to check out what all these great labels have to offer on one slab of random mix/effect coloured vinyl. The Compilation will not be available on CD or download. So, your order will not include a digital pre-order of Pulsebeat.

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