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Gold Beach Fortress

Released on October 19, 2020 by Moral Mazes
Gold Beach Fortress - Moral Mazes
  1. Gold Beach Fortress
  2. Illinois by Numbers
Digital / Vinyl

Moral Mazes was formed from a friendship between some legendary characters of independent music:

Jeff Dean: Guitar (Airstream Futures, The Bomb, All Eyes West, Dead Ending),
Darren Zentek: Drums (Office of Future Plans)
J. Robbins: Bass (Jawbox, Burning Airlines).

Who is the singer, I can hear you think, well, it’s best you read on?

This band is a studio project at its finest, and their new second 7inch release is an absolute amalgamation of the members' collective bands and influences.

Let’s just take a step back for a second, if you didn’t already know Moral Mazes debut release was a 7” single called, Magic Tommy Jackson via Bridge Nine Records. If you can find a copy, wow you’re lucky, as this project is a vinyl collectors dream.

For each release, the main vocals are taken on by a new individual, so for the debut it was, Jonah Matranga (Far, Onelinedrawing).

For their second offering Moral Mazes have teamed up with Little Rocket Records, releasing a two song 7” Limited Edition vinyl, in the EU and their good friends, Radgirlfriend Records in the US.

Michael Feerick (Amusement Parks on Fire), takes the driving seat on vocals.

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