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Released on February 23, 2018 by I Said Goodbye
Fairweather - I Said Goodbye
  1. Better Luck Next Time
  2. Smokehouse
  3. Take Me Home
  4. False Alarm
  5. Money and The Crown
  6. Not Going Out
  7. Quicksand
  8. Tony Says No
  9. Robertson Drive
  10. Toucan
Limited Edition Vinyl / Digipak CD

For fans of The Getup Kids, Motion City Soundtrack & Saves the Day.

The LP started life as a solo album for singer Alan Hiom but, during the pre-production phase of the record shifts in mood and musicianship soon developed into the album you hear today and the band I Said Goodbye.

The songs on this record are a mixed bag lyrically but the underlying key is honesty. The songs are written from experiences and feelings that are real, written from the heart so that through empathy and/or shared emotions they can be enjoyed by all.

Take Me Home is about missing a loved one whilst on tour whereas Robertson Drive is about the passing of a family member. No two songs lyrically or melodically are identical on this record and that is one of the things that helps I Said Goodbye’s LP stand out in the current sea of sound-alikes and copy cats.

This is a very British sounding band, based in Norwich and featuring on drums Pete Wright of Ducking Punches.


Putting this record out is an exciting adventure made even more thrilling by working with Little Rocket Records. A fresh new label that is supportive, provides insight and most of all has faith in new music and new bands

Alan Hiom

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