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Lost Your Way

Released on January 6, 2017 by Dan Goatham
Lost Your Way - Dan Goatham
  1. Lost Your Way
  2. Stay Afloat
  3. Punks Don't Die
CD / Digital

We are delighted to release Dan Goatham's EP, “Lost Your Way”.

An acoustic three track EP, also featuring tracks from the highly acclaimed mini Album "Stay Afloat" by his band "Spoilers".

The tracks are completely stripped down to the bare bones.

We wish you all a Happy New Year, so sit back, relax and enjoy, even though winter is upon us.
released January 6, 2017

“Lost Your Way”

1) Lost Your Way
2) Stay Afloat
3) Punks Don't Die

Dan Goatham: Guitar + Vocals
Robert Charles Wilks: Organ
Stuart Randall: Shouting

Recorded 19th July @ Square Head Studios, Sittingbourne by Robert Charles Wilks.

Mastered by Matt Cade.

Art print by Sam Head, the rest by Paul Helman.

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