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Great review of Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros in the latest edition of the mag Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros' latest album 'Join The Outsiders' was reviewed in the latest issue of the New York music magazine. The review by Editor in Chief Jack Rabid desribed the album as 'Hot, catchy and alive!', placing it at No.33 in his Top 40.

Here is the full review:

This mag has covered punk/hardcore original Smalley since his ’80s salad days with DYS, ALL, and DAG NASTY and later DOWN BY LAW. So no surprise, the Boston/D.C. vet’s debut with his Bandoleros – three Spaniards and a “crazy Argentinian” – is punk rock that’s actually punk rock, with punishing guts, sing-along choruses, and zinging beats. Outsiders is his most satisfying LP in eons, smash-bang like Dag Nasty days – closer, perhaps, to Dag’s BRIAN BAKER’S BAD RELIGION music since 1995. While the title track’s sentiment lends a thematic embrace – punk shines when it beckons you to an intelligent revolt – the snarl of the filthy guitar leads of the Mush Leatherface-like “Tear it Down” (like the late Dickie Hammond just gassed a pedal) and it’s Buzzcocks/Naked Raygun/Misfits/Bad R “whoa-oh” invocations, or the All-ish mid tempo riffing of “Journey”, make this album a cut above, like the better D.C Dischord post-thrash punk, too. Hot catchy and alive! (

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