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Jimmy Alvarado releases new Video Project

Eastside Punks is his film series about Los Angeles’s other punk scene!

Jimmy Alvarado (Butt Acne, La Tuya) has been working on a video project for the past 13 years, documenting the history of Eastside LA Punks. Blending live footage and interviews with multiple generations of musicians, artists, writers and scenesters, Eastside Punks taps into stories from the scene’s history.

In this first instalment of the ‘Eastside Punks’ series, they speak with first-gen East L.A. punks ‘Thee Undertakers’. Beginning at local parties in 1977, they became regulars in the scene centered around the legendary early-’80s eastside punk club ‘The Vex’.

More can be read about the project online at Razorcake Magazine

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