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Give Me Hope Collective

LRR label mates Leatherface, Airestream Futures and Dealing With Damage all feature on Hope Show 145 form Ireland's finest Hope Collective.

With 19 bangers making up a jam packed punk fest show, our gang of 3 proudly represent LRR

Here’s what HC said about the tracks:

“Two stormers kicking off proceedings tonight. Dealing with damage from last years Ask the Questions album and Stop Everything and then the inimitable Leatherface with the amazing Never Say Goodbye

Airstream Futures know how to write catchy tunes. All the way from North America”

Get the show here:

Hope Show 145

  1. Dealing With Damage – Stop Everything
  2. Leatherface – Never Say Goodbye
  3. Muncie Girls – Take steps
  4. AJJ – Loudmouth
  5. Sleaford Mods – Jobseeker
  6. Youth Avoiders – Vows and Vultures
  7. Abrazos – Armchair Racism
  8. Airstream Futures – Cemetary Sparrow
  9. Sons of SOuthern Ulster – New Day Rises
  10. Jeff Rosenstock – Leave IN the Sun
  11. Coriky – Clean Kill
  12. Amyl and the sniffers – I’m not a Loser
  13. Incisions – War In Your Head
  14. Hedge Schools – April 10
  15. The Atrix – Treasure on the Wasteland
  16. Chewing on Tinfoil – Just Like Me
  17. THe Winter Passing w/ Stu Daly – Melt
  18. The lovely Eggs – You’ve Got the Ball
  19. Natterers – Dead Men Can’t Cat call



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