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Frankie Stubbs Dead Industrial Atmosphere – Acoustic Video Premiere

Little Rocket Records is very proud to announce the video premiere of "Dead Industrial Atmosphere". Taken from the critically acclaimed classic Punk Album, “Mush” by Leatherface, the track was performed acoustically and filmed 'live'. Said by many to be one of the best ever Punk Rock albums of all time, Frankie Stubbs performs the track with his acoustic guitar and a bottle of red wine, in preparation for his European tour in July 2019.

Frankie performs Leatherface’s Dead industrial Atmosphere in the dry dock of one of the last standing shipyards of Sunderland’s River Wear in April 2019. Sunderland, once the largest shipbuilding town in the world closed its last remaining yard in 1988.

The film was spectacularly shot by Andy Martin, Sunderland based film-maker and photographer –

Fellow band member Graeme Philliskirk, did the sound –

With thanks to Don ‘Tont’ Simpson for his knowledge, assistance and generosity.

Watch the video here:

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