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Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros Set To Release New LP

The latest news out of the Little Rocket offices is the release of Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros' new record Join the Outsiders in late 2018.

Dave Smalley, whose earlier projects include DYS, ALL, Dag Nasty and Down By Law, has partnered with a trio of Spaniards called The Bandoleros, and a rogue Argentinian. After playing together in 2017, they recognized the need to work together as a new band, and formed Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros.

The five-piece completed one tour of Spain and did some collaborative songwriting before recording the brilliant Join the Outsiders LP. This transnational crew hurdled past any barriers thrown up by borders and wide oceans to pull together 11 hard-hitting punk rock tracks. Rather than dwelling on the challenges of geography, Smalley and the boys drew on the strength of their cultural differences and compared their similar experiences of playing music, touring the world, and encountering nice people everywhere. The result is a bellowing, blasting punk rock record rooted in the shared understandings of the world of a group of united friends making demands for change on this crazy planet.

Little Rocket Records will continue to provide information about the album and its release date as it becomes available.

Dave Smalley & The Bandoleros are:

  • Mr. Dave Smalley: Vocals
  • Marcelo Pesoa (El Diablo): Guitar / Vocals
  • Pablo Magallanes (The Master of Disaster): Guitar / Vocals
  • Javi Pérez (Dr. Legs): Bass / Vocals
  • Rafa Camison (The Thunder): Drums

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