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Among Legends

Poppy punk rock? Gritty pop-punk? Who cares?

It’s fast, loud, upbeat and energetic – exactly how we like it.

Since 2016, Among Legends has self-released 3 EPs and we’re currently completing our debut LP, produced by Siegfried Meier (Face To Face, Chuck Ragan, The Salads) – plus a few other goodies on the way as well. Our previous releases have received coverage from music publications including New Noise Magazine, PunkNews, Dying Scene, Canadian Beats and others. Exclaim! Music premiered our 2016 single We Were Vaguely Saints, and Idobi Radio described our 3rd EP Some Days as “positive pop punk at its finest” in their premiere of the release.

Mostly, though, we’re just five people who became friends because we shared an idea of playing music that’s fun to play. We joke on stage, we smile in photos, and we try to write songs that stay true to who we are. So you can call it whatever you want – to us, it’s just Among Legends.

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